First and foremost Get Up Woman is about helping Woman... All Woman any way we can!

If you have a real life problem and require our help please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.



In order for Get Up Woman to assist you, we have a list of basic requirements and procedures

You will be expected to come and sit with at least 4 varying members of our background team.

All necessary documents will be asked for

-         positive identification

-         bank statements

-         rent statements

-         any legal documentation pertaining to the matter at hand

You will be expected to enter into a signed agreement by yourself and Get Up Woman

You will be expected to undergo a consultation and session with our therapist

You will be expected to agree to a criminal check

You will be expected to agree to a voice stress test

We would require proof of either current employment or possible employment

Once we have received all relevant documents, reports from our therapist and you have agreed and signed the agreement between

yourself and Get Up Woman, our background team will then enter into discussions on what we can do to assist you. We will then start

whatever relevant procedure is necessary to assist you.



In order for Get Up Woman to help you with food assistance, there are a few basic rules to comply with.

We would like for you to come and meet with us and have a simple assessment done on your situation.

If we feel your situation needs assistance with food, we will then commit to helping you with groceries for up to 3 months.

During this period we will be in constant contact with you to pertain how you have decided to better your situation going forward.

We are happy to assist you with reaching this goal.

We will be setting up food distribution points in as many cities as possible.

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